The First Information Published in The Alliance Review

William H. Morgan’s account of August 27 is extremely short:

Wednesday August 27

Aunt Kit Sharer died Wednesday morning.

At this point, the story is picked up by The Alliance Review. Three prominent citizens of Alliance (Col. Charles C. Weybrecht, John Sharer, and Katharine Sharer) had died and the story became newsworthy. Also among the dead were the hostess, Helen Gahris, the chef, Frank McAvoy, and the waiter, Robert Jennings.

The headline for the day read: “FOOD POISON DEATH TOLL SIX” and several articles describing the food and the dead were given. The secondary headline read, “Mr. and Mrs. Sharer Die; Chef Passes Away; Chemist Analyzes Vitals of Chef and Negro Waiter.” Here is the front page of The Alliance Review for August 27, 1919.

Alliance Review, Aug. 27,1919The Alliance Review, Aug. 27, 1919 –

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