A Short History of the City of Alliance, Ohio

The history of the city of Alliance, Ohio finds its beginnings in 1850 when two major railroad lines, the Ohio & Pennsylvania and Cleveland & Wellsville Railroads intersected in Liberty, once known as “The Crossing”. Three small communities, Williamsport (founded 1827), Freedom (founded 1830), and Liberty (founded 1850) merged at this time. Four years later in 1854, the village incorporated as Alliance. In 1889, the village of Mount Union (founded 1833) was annexed into the city Alliance.

Alliance is often referred to as the town where Main Street is a dead-end. When Main Street was platted, it brought people to the train station, which was the heart of Alliance’s transportation hub. The railroads were central to industry and personal transportation in the mid- to late-1800s, bringing in raw materials for factories and sending out finished goods.

History of the City of Alliance

The Alliance Historical Society collects information on the history of the city of Alliance and shares some of the highlights through these lists.

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