Other Members of the Dinner Party are Contacted

In today’s posting, we learn of the status of other members of the Gahris dinner party and locate evidence to be analyzed for the cause of the illnesses. Again, here are the recollections of William H. Morgan.

Tuesday August 26

Since the poisoning was definitely linked to the Saturday night party, all of the Gahris party were contacted. Jessie Sanford and Mary Bates were both very ill. Lou and Maude Brush in Salem were ill. We were very concerned about Fred Morris who had left Sunday night on a business trip to the east. He was finally located and found to be all right, much to the relief of Mrs. Morris.

The Lakeside Club and the Canton Medical Society were informed, and it was found that no other guests at the Saturday night dinner other than those at the Gahris table had become ill, with the exception of the Club Chef and one waiter, both of whom died.

It was first thought the turkey was probably the carrier of the deadly bacteria, but the fact that only the Gahris table was affected and not all of them ill seemed to point to a different source. The other suspect was the olives. Those who had become ill had all eaten olives. Also it was found that both the chef and the waiter had sampled them. The waiter had suggested to one of his co-workers that the olives tasted odd, and wanted him to try one, but he refused. Fortunately the olive jar which was marked MAMMOTH RIPE OLIVES, packed by Curtiss Brothers in California, was in the club refrigerator with about a half dozen olives. The olives together with a sample of turkey were sent to Columbus for analysis. The turkey was harmless, the olives contained bacillus botulinus. The cause was pinpointed.

Tuesday night Uncle John Sharer died.

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