Jessie Sanford Struggles

The entry for August 28 in William H. Morgan’s account is equally short with yesterday’s:

Thursday August 28

Jessie Sanford’s condition worsening. Mary Bates critically ill.

The Alliance Review offers details on the day’s events, including a photograph of the Lakeside Club’s chef who died, Frank McAvoy, and the menu that was served at the dinner. Among the items served were pink meat cantaloupe, white and dark meat turkey with dressing, browned potatoes, scalloped corn with green and red peppers, sliced tomatoes on lettuce with French dressing, fresh rolls with butter, salted wafers, olives, ice cream, spice cake with caramel frosting, nuts, candy, and coffee. The olives, nuts, candy, Newport creams and chocolate were brought to the dinner by Mrs. Gahris.

A number of olives and the can they came in were still in the refrigerator of the country club. They were sent to Columbus for analysis. A rabbit died after eating one of the olives. The results of the tests performed on the olives and the organs of the Lakeside Club staff members were expected to take at least three weeks.

Mrs. Gahris was buried on this day in Sebring while plans were made for the funerals of Mr. & Mrs. Sharer and Col. Weybrecht for the following day.

Alliance Review, Aug. 28, 1919The Alliance Review, Aug.28, 1919,

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