Mabel Hartzell House Tour – Entryway and Hallway

The Entryway Hat Tree

The Entryway Hat Tree

Guests to the Hartzell House would enter through the front door. The front entryway to the Mabel Hartzell House has several interesting artifacts that are unique to the era of the home

The hall tree holds many formal hats of men and women.

Umbrellas were left in an umbrella stand near the door. This kept the umbrellas ready to be used whenever the weather warranted it.

Front Entryway

Hartzell Front Entryway

The glass in the windows of the front door panels is red … or is it? On the inside of the entry, the glass is red but on the outside, the glass is clear.

The round item in the middle of the door is the doorbell.

At the base of the stairs is a black and white button that signified that the mortgage of the house was paid.

Let’s head up the stairs to the upstairs hallway and the bedrooms.