I am not really the right person to tell this story of Easter decorations on E. Milton Street. I do not know the persons who started it or in what year it started. But it is Easter time, and I will leave it up to you to fill in the blanks.

Easter for us in the 1960s as kids meant an Easter basket filled with candy, a 16 oz. solid bunny from Heggy’s, and a trip to Alliance to drive up and down E. Milton Street and look at the Easter decorations. Just like Christmas decorations that are done every year, it was just a given thing that the islands going down the middle of E. Milton would be filled with bright, festive Easter decorations.

I know that during that era, we made the trip every year to go look at them. From a kid’s perspective, you would expect something like this was done in every town and city. Looking back, one can appreciate the amount of planning and work that went into making it all happen.

This trip down memory lane, like many other missing pieces of our childhood, lives on in our minds. Do you have photos in your scrapbooks with images of the Easters of the past on E. Milton Street?

Submitted by Dave McMahon

E. Milton Easter decorations
East Milton Street Easter decorations