#25. Goat Hill Neighborhood

Goat Hill football

A friendly game of football at Goat Hill

Located at the corner of Morgan Avenue and Garwood Street, in the Goat Hill neighborhood, a marker pays tribute to the many sports teams who played for the Goat Hill Athletic Club. The memorial reads, “Dedicated to an era of Goat Hill athletes, 1914-1927,” and lists John Hallman as manager and Lou Skelly as president.

The area known as Goat Hill is bordered by Forest Avenue on the east, Liberty Avenue on the west, Summit Street on the north, and Auld Street on the south. It was named for the large Welsh population who were known for raising goats in Wales.

Goat Hill map

Goat Hill Neighborhood location

The ball fields of Goat Hill were always busy hosting baseball and football games. Some players even hit the big time, including Pro Football Hall of Famer, Len Dawson, who played for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Between 1930 and 1947, the athletic fields between Garwood and Woodland were converted into GI temporary housing. This included 40 single and 20 double housing units. Later, this field became the home of Morgan Elementary School which was opened in 1957 and demolished in 2004.

For more information on and photos of Goat Hill, visit AllianceMemory.org. A memoir of Red Artino can also be purchased from the Alliance Historical Society.

1919 Goat Hill football team

1919 Goat Hill football team