#8. Gertrude Kay and Brinton Turkle Delight Children with Their Illustrations

Brinton Turkle at Rodman Public Library

Brinton Turkle creates during an appearance at Rodman Public Library in 1984. https://www.alliancememory.org/digital/collection/p15190coll1/id/73/rec/7

Gertrude Kay produced covers and story illustrations for Ladies’ Home Journal and other magazines from around 1908 through the 1920s. During this time she illustrated children’s books as well, including The Illustrated Alice in Wonderland. Her popularity as an illustrator increased with her foreign travels as she demonstrated her ability to accurately portray family life and, in particular, children. She was also known for her paper dolls.

Brinton Turkle spent much time learning from Gertrude Kay and went on to be a highly regarded illustrator in his own right. His book Thy Friend Obadiah was a Caldecott Honor Book in 1970. He wrote and/or illustrated over 50 books for children.