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Mabel Hartzell House Tour - Child's Bedroom

child's bedroom

The middle bedroom features children's items. Many of the furniture pieces were salesmen's samples, just the perfect size for a child and her dolls.

Some items of interest in this room include:

  • A complete set of child's china dishes that belonged to Mabel Hartzell. She never broke a dish.
  • A papier mache headed doll from the late 1800s that belonged to Mabel Hartzell.
child's bedroom child's bedroom
Brinton Turkle original

An original painting by Alliance native, author/artist Brinton Turkle is hung over the mantle. It was donated by his sister, Barbara Turkle. The illustration appears in the children's book Over the River and Through the Woods. If one looks closely at the picture, the front porch of the Mabel Hartzell Historic Home can be seen as the family prepares to leave for Thanksgiving dinner.

Next, we'll visit the guest bedroom.

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